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1.6 CoinRepublik Token

CoinRepublik Token (CRT) is an Ethereum token (ERC20) that represents a piece of CoinRepublik. The holders are appointed shareholders and will receive dividends 3 times a month. The maximum number of CRTs is limited to 50,000. We are talking about the maximum number because the amount of CRT increases by 1 CRT every hour. When it reaches 50,000, no action will be generated.
Like any token, CRT has behind it a contract (a script) that runs autonomously on the Ethereum network. The contract has two essential tasks. The first is to ensure the transfer of tokens from one address to another and the second task is to buy any amount of CRT from shareholders at any time of day or night. The price at which CRT buys varies depending on the balance of the contract and the amount of tokens in circulation.
All redemptions made by the contract are in ETH, one of the most liquid cryptocurrencies in the world. The fund balance is maintained exclusively in ETH.    
The contract behind the CRT has its own funds that it practically uses to guarantee the value of a token. Contract funds can only be withdrawn by selling tokens to the contract. There is no other way to withdraw those funds. The team has absolutely no control over them. The source code of the CRT contract is public, immutable and out of any external influence. The funds in the contract represent the guarantee that no matter what happens to the team of admins / servers / employees of CoinRepublik, the shareholders will be able to sell their shares at the correct price.
The contract funds come exclusively from the payments made by the game fund. The fund's money is transformed into ETH and the coins delivered to the contract, 3 times a month. Once in the contract, the money can be used exclusively to redeem CRT from shareholders. Contract receipts depend exclusively on fund receipts and may vary over time.
Because the balance of the contract is kept in the ETH, the value of a CRT expressed in USD could vary up or down daily. The value of a token in ETH tends to increase over time.    
The redemption process is trivial. First of all you have to remember that in order to sell CRTs to the contract, you must first withdraw them in a compatible wallet such as Atomic. Once you have the CRT in your wallet, all you have to do is send the coins to the address 0x146645FbC468Ad34464240Cd494e4F4cD84a120b.
When the transaction is processed by the network, you will automatically receive the ETH value of the coins sent. The redemption value is calculated according to the formula V = F / Q, where F represents the funds in ETH held by the contract and Q the total amount of CRT in circulation. If, for example, the fund has 10 ETHs and 1000 CRTs are in circulation, for each CRT the contract will send you 0.01 ETH
To buy CRT you can use the internal CoinRepublik market or you can buy directly from other owners outside the game. The internal market of the game is in the Home / Token area. You can keep your token in the game but the best long-term solution is to withdraw it in your own wallet. To withdraw CRT go to inventory / cryptocurrencies and initiate a withdrawal request. A fixed fee of $ 1 is charged for cryptocurrency withdrawals.
Not all wallets accept token transactions. Be careful what wallet you use to avoid losses. We recommend Atomic wallet but you can use any other compatible wallet.    
A very important aspect is how the total amount of CRT varies. The amount in circulation increases by 1 CRT per hour but can also decrease. When the contract repurchases coins from shareholders, those coins are destroyed and the total amount of CRT decreases. In this way, no matter how many coins someone sells, the price in ETH of a token will remain steady. Let's take an example: suppose there are 1000 CRTs in circulation, and the contract has 10 ETHs. The redemption price is therefore 0.01 ETH / CRT. A large shareholder suddenly sells 500 CRT. The balance of the contract is reduced by 5 ETH but at the same time the total amount of CRT decreases to 500. The new redemption price remains unchanged at 0.01 ETH. This mechanism guarantees the CRT value even if a large amount of tokens is suddenly sold.
In conclusion, the value of a token expressed in ETH decreases only when new tokens are generated, increases only when the team sends funds to the contract and remains stable when the tokens are redeemed by the contract. Normally the long term trend is to increase the price in ETH because the team makes payments 3 times a month. The value of a token expressed in USD can vary greatly during the day because the value of ETH varies and the fund holds exclusively ETH.


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