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Do you need a loan ?
Posted by 2 years ago

Almost all of you own one in real life and you pay for it every month. No. It's not about children, it's about loans. In the real world they are the most popular way to make money when you have no money. Because CoinRepublik is a real world simulator and much more, we decided to introduce in the game the mechanisms through which players can take / offer loans.

In the real world, a loan is a sum of money that you take for a period of time and for which you have to pay a fixed amount every month. In many cases you have to put down a guarantee. The same happens in CoinRepublik. You can take out loans with or without collateral, the value of which depends on several factors.

Let's talk more about the types of loans. There are two types of loans in the game. Loans in which players must deposit a guarantee in cryptocurrencies. In this case the loan is granted exclusively in USD without other conditions and loans in which the players do not have to present any guarantee and the value of the loan varies depending on the political influence or other indicators.

Both types of loans are taken for a period that varies between 10 days and 365 days. The maximum interest accepted is 1% / day, but there are major differences in the way a collateralized loan is paid compared to how a no collateral loan is paid.

Colateralized loans can only be taken in USD with a cryptocurrency guarantee. The guarantee will be blocked until the loan plus interest are returned. The interest is taken every day from the debtor's account. At the end of the period, the system will try to take the rest of the amount borrowed. If the system does not find the money for the interest in the account or if at the end of the period the debtor does not have the necessary amounts, the collateral will be liquidated and the creditor will be paid. If the value of the collateral is higher, the rest of the money will be sent to the debtor.

Unsecured loans can be taken in the national currency only by any player without providing a guarantee. Unlike loans with collateral, the loan will be paid gradually by the borrower after each income transaction. Practically every income transaction will be taxed 25% and funds will go towards the payment of the loan. This includes work, trading profits, etc ... At the end of the crediting period, the system will try to take the rest of the money if necessary. If it does not find the necessary amounts, he will try again every 24 hours until the loan is paid in full. If the debtor becomes inactive (gives up the game) then the creditor will assume the loss. In this case unlike loans with collateral, the lender may lose money.

Any player can offer loans. Loans can also be granted by state budgets to citizens. To limit the associated risks, lenders may impose certain conditions to take out a loan, such as minimal political influence. Only players with a full profile can access loans with no collateral.

Also to limit the risks, you can have only one active loan at the same time and if you have an active loan, you cannot withdraw money from the game.

In conclusion, the implemented loan system mimics real life loans quite well and is a great financial help for old or new players.


Fajar123   ~2 months ago

Is the best



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